Portrait of Fitness Model

I was really excited to work with Manoj Shetty so-called Sagittarius man. Manoj is a professional model and working for an engineering company. He is well focused, fitness freak, open-minded, super pro model.

This is first part of the shoot and second part we are planning outdoor.

What we mainly focused ?

• Right equipment and expression.

• Get a good angle and light set up

Right equipment and expression

Before the shoot, we planned the dress code and the theme of the session.

Camera and Lens

• Nikon D90

• Lens 70-200 – 2.8

• Flash – Nikon 910 and Nikon 900

• Reflector

• Silver reflector

• White Card board / Black Card Board

• 60cm Hexagonal Soft Box with Grid


Manoj was very approachable and relaxed, apart from squiching the eyes, adjusting the jaw line and few poses, Manoj was so co-operative and given several expression , what I want.

Get a good angle and light set up

I like shadows across the muscles to give them dimension, used window light and hexagonal soft box.

Few photograph I have changed perspective according to the light and subject pose, to give prominent look.

Actually, I was planning to use three light set up , it’s a tragedy , on the spot , 8 set of batteries’ sucked up :-(, but we managed with single light set up.

Thank you Urmila for your great support for this session and special gratitude to Anand Subramaninan [one of the stranger in my project] and sorry for breaking your hands :-). Appreciate and value your help. Thank you Gaanesh Prasad your support is priceless :-).


Top ten things you have to see in Abu Dhabi

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There are many places to mention in Abu Dhabi but here I have chosen ten things, which some I have enjoyed in Abu Dhabi.

After my home country, Abu Dhabi is one of my favorite. If you love to travel don’t miss to see these jewels.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Architectural Islamic Marvel)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the international master piece and largest in the world.This is the magnificent addition to the Islamic architectural brilliance and is a landmark in United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi Tourism conducts guided tours of the mosque, guide will explain about the explanation of the construction and religion. Don’t forget see this heavenly mosque. To know more about mosque timings, visit


Photo 2 (2)

Watch Camel Racing Al Watbha

Camel Racing is one of the world’s most spectacular sports events, which often happen during winter. If you are sports enthusiast keep your eye on the…

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Self Portrait

How i achieved my self-portrait :-).

1) Set up Manual Focus, (perfectly placed focus point will be very difficult :-)) while creating self-portrait.

2) Tried several shots, to get the result. (composed several frames to get the right one)

3) Planned my light set up , here I want to give low light to show eerie feel to the shot.

4) And Self Timer

CSC_4277 ecopy

F 1/16
SS 1/60


Portraits of Dr.Prashant Nair

The Stranger #16 became a model, but here my stranger is already an actor.

The Stranger project which gives confident and inspire others to find their passion, this is the real success for me doing photography.

Dr.Prashant is very interesting person,specialist Orthodontist and actor, known for Thuppakki (2012), Arrambam (2013) and Diamond Necklace (2012),south Indian Movies and many movies lining up. One word for him is multitalender, happy that he is a good friend of mine and part of the project.

You can see Dr.Prashant with leading south Indian movie stars IMDB .


One Light Setup – Indoor

Nidhi is cute,bubbly and talkative little girl, by profession she is Fashion designer and consultant and very passionate about her job. Below photographs taken at home only.

Simple and refreshing exercise, One light set up at 45 degree,above the subject and she was holding a silver reflector to cover shadow below the chin.


One light set up at 45 degree,above the subject, without reflector.


Photograph taken with Window Light , can see light falling from right side of her face.


Silhouette Portrait with Strobe Lights

Silhouette Portrait with Strobe Lights, this technique the subject of photograph appears as a dark outline or figure against a bright background. we can create wonderful artistic effect according to the subject , an illustration of the effect below image, i have used only two strobes to create an image.

CSC_0023 ceeeeopy