Assignment – Basketball Photoshoot

Photographed basketball assignment,Abu dhabi,2015, I love the way a wide angle lens allows me to get in close to the action, here I used 24-70 , but prefer next wider range here, very difficult to shoot in low light, but love some of the photographs :-). You can see the full gallery here : Photography Gallery / News Edition THE NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSIGNMENT

5 Tips For Making People Comfortable during Photoshoot

I love shooting people , no mater they are in the street or corporate, i love to connect with people. I have done several corporate and family portrait photoshoot, i would like to share few tips which will help you a bit. When you photograph people as a photographer help them to relax  this is the main point which makes them comfortable, and they feel better and the result we get amazing expressive photographs.

Keep on Ask Questions or talk and relate the subject, which makes them relax and confident in posing.  Its helps them in comfort zone, and no more fear or stranger with a camera.


Attempt Candid Photographs: I love taking candid shots, i used to tell them to jump,walk,play,dance,sing,run,kiss,hug,so capture the emotions accordingly. Chatting with each other help photographer and subject more comfortable, mostly people prefer posed portrait for the family portrait, but try to attempt few more candid, definitely client will love it at the end.



Compliment but not over exaggerate, there is always something beautiful, if interesting point out, about the dress, pose,smile, etc…

DSC_2183 crop

Try to use any props, which makes subject relax and comfortable.


Composition / Posing

Compose in simple location instead clicking straight photographs and posing is the very important element in portrait photography

Most people don’t know what to do with their hands. Try to guide them about the hands, feet, chin,head while posing and move to their place , and help them in posing.

Elaine Luck , at Al Barsha Pond Park, 2015, Dubai

DSC_7042 blog copy


Simple way to learn photography at home

In many ways you can learn photography, here i am sharing my own experience during my beginning days. “Photography is a love affair with life.”  Learning theory is useful but learn most by practising.

If you are interested in photography, if you want to learn techniques about photography or you bought a new camera, your home is the best place to experiment lot of things, you don’t need to travel a world to get a great pictures.

You don’t want to be a master of techniques, all you need is to understand the concept of photography and shoot what you love and shoot it by your heart.

Roam around your home you will find a lot of opportunity to shoot ,If you are an amateur photographer shooting at home is the great way to learn a lot without any hassle, once you go to outdoor shoot you will get an idea to explore without any experiments.

Your Kid is Your Model

Your kids are your great model , but don’t compel them to make a pose, visualize what kind of photo you want, give some props to them to engage them, plan the theme, then click the pictures, making them to stand and do not take trial and error or random clicking will produce rare good result.

• Think
• Visualize
• Shoot


Play With Light

Window light is the common inexpensive light, we get in our house, and you will get similar effect with huge price tagged soft box.
Place the subject and observe source of light, where the light is falling and position yourself.

• Source
• Intensity
• Direction

Source can be :-

•Natural Light Vs Artificial Light

Intensity can be :-

•Hard Vs Diffuse (Soft) light

Direction can be

•Direction of the light , determine Highlights and shadows
Front, Side, Backlight are few examples of direction, which you can practice, its very vital to understand the relationship of the basic light, which relate to one another.

This needs a practice. Gradually you will get idea when you go for outdoor shooting.




Selecting the Vantage Point and Subject

Every day you are in the same ambience, it may appear similar to you every day, because you see them everyday try looking them differently, choose the unusual view point and move around find the different vantage points. Selecting the appropriate subject is very important in photography.

For an any good photograph you have to check:-

• Subject
• Focus toward the subject
• Simplify the subject

When you decided to shoot the subject, select the different point of view, different settings in the camera, different everything, will give better result.


Create Zoom Burst and learn shutter speed

•Place your subject on tripod, for slow shutter you need a stabilizer, if you don’t have a tripod, don’t worry create your own at home stack books, or table or desk, where camera can be steady.

•Set the slow shutter, manual mode, from 1/10 to 1/2, and shutter release, during the shutter open for a 1 second, zoom the lens in, manually to the subject in centre, the color will burst outside, several times you can try this at home, it will take a small number of tries, the more you experiment you will be confident in doing outdoor, doing this you will be aware of shutter speed and different effects. You can try zooming out manually also, you will get interesting effects.


Some Tips :-)
•Shoot it by heart ;Shoot what you love and don’t imitate other work, create your style.
•Don’t click whatever you see, think different
•To develop creativity apart from photography engage yourself with another hobby like stamp collecting, cooking, gardening, which will enable you to develop the creativity.

Hope you enjoyed the post , thank you for visiting my page