NATIONAL TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFTS FESTIVAL which held at OCT 23 – OCT 29, 2014, SOUQ AL QATTARA, AL AIN.The festival featured activities and initiatives including a crafts souk with traditional products.





First Assignment

I am very much excited and successfully completed my first assignment for Media ,which published on 8 October 2014.

Worked with new people, new environment, new experience and learned a lot, and moreover shoot was at night, it’s not at all easy to shoot at night, really very difficult to manage the situation and gradually controlled the light.

My sincere thanks to the photo editor and my mentor Brian and the team.

Online Version


Featured – Life Force Magazine

My photo essay featured in prestigious Life Force magazine , I can see many star photographers showcased in LFM and I am quite proud now :-), October issue look stunning and love seeing other photographers work as well. It’s my honor to feature in LFM and my sincere thanks to chief editor Damian Bird and Alice Bird.

I take this opportunity to thank my mentor Brian Kerrigan for your time, support and patience. I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.

You can see my photo essay of October Issue 2014


Juxtaposition in art

Juxtaposition is the placing of compositional elements side-by-side, with the intention of comparing or contrasting them.

Here below act compares and contrasts the two elements of subject and art , photography and drawing.


Portraits of Vimal

Vimal is a very passionate model and cooperative,he worked with leading ad agencies.

Portrait of Vimal, which is totally unplanned shoot with one light setup.Thank you Anand for your massive support.



DSC_2565 copy