Create two cups and one shadow with one cup

Created this effect with one light flash, concept is bit different from the earlier ghost effect.

In ghost effect subject moved to create the effect, but here I moved the camera, to create the effect.

Light travels in the straight line, until scattered or reflected in its path. Below I have scattered the light with lines in the chair, after that I placed an object to emphasis the lines, shadow,shape.

Photography is all about individual imagination and observation, so this is my experiment;
You try experimenting different thing and share with me :-).

Shadow Cup



Create two cups and one shadow but with one cup. :-), little confusing right…lets see how i achieved.

• Place the object
• Place the light source [90 degree] to create a shadow.
• Slow Shutter
• While you release the shutter, focus the object, shutter close, move the camera when shutter opens.


Creating Ghost Effect

Creating ghost effect is tricky and very interesting. You can create a lot of effect , if you understand the concept, Try as much through the camera instead Photoshop.

How you can achieve.

•I used a single flash , but for better result use two flash , right and left to the subject

•Manual mode , set low ISO and try different setting , all you are doing in digital , so try until you get the result.

•Camera on a tripod, use slow shutter, pose your subject or yourself straight to the camera, it’s your choice, then fire using self timer, when shutter close , be rigid and during shutter open move your head , wave your fingers or hands, do according to your creativity.

Self portrait of ghost effect experiment photographs



Workshop with Bobby Lane

I love to learn from three world-class photographers, one is Peter Hurley another is Joe McNally, and Bobby Lane.

I signed for high key and low-key portraits to sharpen my skills in portraits with Bobby lane,GPP,Dubai.

One of my wish got fulfilled, have taken intensive workshop with Bobby. Bobby is an amazing teacher more than 30 years she in photography. To know more about Bobby check here , she is an award-winning commercial photographer specialized in creative portraits on location studio and a great human being. I am so happy to say that I am one of her student.

Bobby covered types of portraits, quality of light, lighting patterns, metering technique, corrective technique, camera setup for strobes, broad lighting, and short lighting bounced light, beauty dish and three light set up, it was so constructive.

Hope this will take me to another level in photography, and another main thing she given plenty of time to work with models, with our own story telling, that’s a great part.

I am fully packed with tons of information and it’s time to execute :-).

Thank you Bobby.

Photograph Credit: Steve Peer



I was with David Hobby seminar about on BEYOND TECHNIQUE: FINDING A MEANINGFUL PATH AS A PHOTOGRAPHER which conducted by Gulf Photo Plus,2014.

David seminar is about motivational talk, really inspiring, he did not shared anything related strobes but he shared his ideas, which is food for thought.

David Hobby is popular photo enthusiast and his website is strobist and it is one of the favorite site in my list, after started reading David’s blog, and i was curious to attend his seminar and want to know what he says.

David briefly focused on three major points,

1) Know yourself,

2) Build eco system,

3) Create space,

And he moved to the general aspect like, why you are a photographer? Who are you? Other than photographer who I am? How to develop ideas, where ideas come from? How to create a niche in the market? How to expand laterally? How to optimize for happiness / optimize for things other than money? and his experience.

David referred some successful photographers, how they tap the niche in the market, and their successful USP [unique selling proportion]. John Ashley, Nick Turpin, Christian Tagliavini

Additional to the motivational seminar, I have received “Lighting the layers” and “Flash Buns”, set of DVD’s which compressed into USB, which is value of USD $99.95, which is damn good.

David hobby