One Light Setup – Indoor

Nidhi is cute,bubbly and talkative little girl, by profession she is Fashion designer and consultant and very passionate about her job. Below photographs taken at home only.

Simple and refreshing exercise, One light set up at 45 degree,above the subject and she was holding a silver reflector to cover shadow below the chin.


One light set up at 45 degree,above the subject, without reflector.


Photograph taken with Window Light , can see light falling from right side of her face.


Silhouette Portrait with Strobe Lights

Silhouette Portrait with Strobe Lights, this technique the subject of photograph appears as a dark outline or figure against a bright background. we can create wonderful artistic effect according to the subject , an illustration of the effect below image, i have used only two strobes to create an image.

CSC_0023 ceeeeopy

Head Shot of Reg | Lighting : Two Point

Two light set up

Reg is a good friend of mine , working for HSBC bank, last evening, we had a head shot shoot for Reg, lighting assistant Reg wife Ann,Dubai.

Below I have used 43 inch parabolic umbrella as key light which is super big and very effective , fill light as reflector, and back light. We made it professional booth.


One light set up

For the below image I used only Rogue Flash Bender 3-in-1 Honeycomb Stacking Grid System, with full power.