Fun Family Shoot – Dubai

Photographed Fun family shoot with Ms.Heather & family at Creek Park , Dubai,

Creek park is my studio :-), I got light, background, place and what else I want …..

How I achieved :-

Positioned the subject according to the sunlight, used only reflector to bounce the light. Outdoor shoot always challenging to get the subject face well-lit. Harsh light and shadow which will spoil the photograph. Reflector helped me a lot to avoid these problem.
So try using reflector , defiantly you will enjoy…..

DSC_2335 copy




DSC_2346 e

DSC_2183 crop


“Photo of the Month from Gulf Photo Plus” – Received an amazing gift

“The Whirling Derwish” has been chosen as Photo of the Month from the GPP Member’s Gallery and has been featured in GPP monthly newsletter.

As well as worldwide fame (well, the 30,000+ GPP members at least!), and received a free 8″x10″ print from GPP.

Thank you GPP


Family Portraits

Family portraits of south African lovable couple and cute children.

Used only silver reflector, Lens 70-200, 2.8

Location: Creek Park, Anand thank you for assisting me again.

All images © 2014 Vidhyaa

The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of Vidhyaa.

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“The little boy and camels ” – Photo of the Day from

I am very much happy to share my photograph , which selected as Photo of the Day in,[leading travel photography website] happy to see as a cover page and always happy to share if someone recognize our work , thank you so much team.

Photo of the day